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Our history, vision and values

Our Growth

In 2006, WSP’s environmental business in the USA merged with Environmental Strategies Consulting LLC, a North American consultancy with a 20-year track record. This merger established the Environment & Energy operation for WSP that exists today in the USA, and which in 2011 celebrated 25 years of delivering outstanding service to our clients.  


Our growth through the years has enabled us to expand our range of services in North America covering a full range of environmental issues, energy management, corporate sustainability issues, health & safety and risk management.


We are proud to have consultants who have worked together in our North American business for over 20 years, and have relationships with clients that stretch to that timeframe as well.


Our Vision & Values

“Our vision and core values help to define the culture of our business, motivating our staff to give their best and instilling in our clients confidence that we will deliver solutions of the highest quality”.
Jan Chizzonite, Managing Director, WSP Environment & Energy


Our vision is to be the trusted advisor of choice for our clients and the best employer in our industry.


We will achieve this by continuing to grow in our existing core service areas and responding proactively to emerging issues that we recognize will have an impact on our clients. Our business will provide excellent career development for our staff. We will remain commercially focused and technically excellent in our local regions. And as a globally integrated business, we will draw on some of the world’s leading consultants in our international business to provide unparalleled solutions and programs for our clients.


We will fulfil our vision by basing all our activities on our core values:

  • To build Trust with our clients and with the staff who deliver our services.
  • To Support each other and share knowledge to constantly increase our ability to provide the customer with the optimum solution.
  • To encourage Pride in our company, our work and our clients and demonstrate our passion for constant improvement.
  • To ensure that Sustainability is built into everything we do and through our long-term commitment reduce the impact of our business on the environment.
  • To remain at the forefront of technical Innovation to deliver solutions which give our clients a commercial advantage.