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Our History & Vision

Our History

We started our business with one person, in one office, in one country, offering just one service. That was back in 1995. Now we provide fully integrated environmental and energy services, delivered worldwide to leading national and multi-national organisations. 


More people, more offices

The interest in environmental services grew extensively during the mid-90’s but our growth outpaced the market on the back of our innovative business model and client focused approach. Our London office was quickly filled and we began opening other offices in locations including Basingstoke, Birmingham, Cardiff and Newcastle. We soon opened more offices in Northern England and expanded in Scotland too. 

More services

Our heritage was in the provision of environmental due diligence and contaminated land investigation and remediation services to the property sector. We have won awards for our due diligence services and we have one of Europe’s largest contaminated land teams. But why stop there?


We quickly evolved to offer other supporting environmental services, to both property sector and corporate clients. This now includes all aspects of environmental planning, energy and waste management and acoustic design. With corporate organisations shifting their focus to their environmental and social performance, we were also well placed to build a strong and sizeable team to provide strategic advice into some of the leading FTSE 250 companies.  With Climate Change issues becoming increasingly prominent, we continue to develop and innovate our services to provide a balanced approach to evaluating not only the impact of business on the environment, but just as importantly, the impact of the environment on business and commerce.


Our Vision

“Our vision in essence is simple. We want to be the best in our market space and be the employer of choice. And we are well on our way to achieving this vision. To us, best doesn’t necessarily mean the biggest. It means providing the best service and advice available and being a trusted advisor to our clients. It means having a progressive, empowered, ‘can-do’ culture founded on trust, honesty and integrity that our client’s value and our staff enjoy. And it means offering opportunities that cannot be matched anywhere else, ensuring we attract the very best talent that is available.” Brad Blundell, Key Client Services Director.

WSP and GENIVAR – at a glance

WSP and GENIVAR – at a glance

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WSP and GENIVAR – at a glance

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