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Our Sustainability & Energy Services

A Different Perspective


WSP Environment & Energy is helping clients formulate and deliver robust strategies that respond to the demands of rising energy costs, new legislation and stakeholder pressure. We recognize that our clients face many challenges related to energy and climate change. The questions we are being asked include:  


·          What is our greenhouse gas (GHG) inventory/ carbon footprint?

·          How can I reduce our GHG emissions?

·          How can I reduce my energy costs?

·          How can I incorporate sustainability into our corporate strategy in a cost-effective way?

·          Should we be utilizing emissions trading schemes?

·          What federal and state legislation is emerging?

·          What legislation is impacting us around the world and how?

·           Where could we cost-effectively integrate renewable power?

·          How can I improve the energy performance of my building?

·          How can I protect the value of my property?

·          Can we utilize biomass fuel?

·           Are there alternative methods to fund the capital expense of my energy savings projects?


Across the world we have some of the brightest thinkers in their fields of expertise. We have a strong and diverse team in North America, with access to a network of world-class global experts. We collaborate with our clients to shape their sustainability strategies, improve business performance and lower operating costs.


Our Sustainability & Energy Services


At WSP Environment & Energy, our team develops creative technical solutions and operational strategies to manage the GHG emissions and energy performance of organizations. We assess how to reduce GHG emissions, consumption and associated costs. We help our clients comply with current and forthcoming legislation, and define how to extract value from emissions controls and trading regimes.


Our reputation is built on our commercial and pragmatic approach, underpinned by technical excellence. We have an established track record working with some of the world’s leading organizations. Our clients include Fortune 500 corporations, manufacturers, land and property developers, retailers, colleges and universities, state and federal governments and banks.


Some of the services we provide include:

·          GHG inventories/Carbon footprinting

·          Carbon management programs

·          Carbon trading compliance advice and risk reduction

·          Corporate energy and carbon reporting

·          Energy management programs

·          Energy and resource conservation assessments (audits)

·           Energy metering and data collection

·          Energy technology and installation management (performance contracting management)

·          Renewable energy analysis and strategies

·          Emissions trading regime advice

·          Sustainability training, organizational change and communication programs

·          Product and supply chain life cycle assessments.


Our Service Areas


We believe the combination of our commercial approach, technical expertise and broad range of services means we have something special to offer.


Below is a snapshot of our four key service areas:


GHG Management

We work with clients to quantify and report their GHG emissions and to develop strategies to reduce those emissions. Specifically, we help our clients:

·          Develop a comprehensive GHG inventory using appropriate software tools

·          Develop an internal process in order to update their GHG inventory in the future

·          Set goals to reduce their GHG emissions

·          Identify, evaluate, and implement cost-effective opportunities to achieve their goals

·          Understand how to participate in today’s largely voluntary GHG management and reporting programs

·          Prepare for future mandatory GHG regulations

·          Communicate GHG management efforts to stockholders and to the public

·          Submit reports to mandatory and voluntary GHG programs, including the Carbon Disclosure Project and California’s AB32.


Energy & Resources Management

We help our clients reduce the consumption of energy and water from their facilities and processes.

Our expertise includes alternative procurement strategies, which can source funding for capital programs and drive down operating costs. We also identify opportunities for waste minimization which include innovative solutions for turning waste streams into valuable resources.


Our goal is to make our clients more competitive by streamlining their business processes and lowering their operating expenditures. We also ensure that the advice we provide is aligned with our clients overarching sustainability goals. Our energy and resources management expertise includes:

·          Managing third-party energy performance contracting

·          Energy and resource conservation assessments (audits), which include waste and water

·          Real-time energy monitoring and analysis.



Sustainable Energy Infrastructure

We provide sustainable energy infrastructure consulting services that deliver environmental and economic sustainability within communities, campuses, and large commercial real estate developments.

We carry out technical and financial feasibility assessments of the full spectrum of sustainable energy technologies to help our clients make informed investment decisions. In particular we can:

·          Assess sustainable energy resources in communities

·          Develop cost-effective clean energy infrastructure master plans

·          Conduct feasibility studies of sustainable energy solutions

·          Perform technical and financial due diligence on prospective sustainable energy investments.


Product & Supply Chain Life Cycle Management

We carry out Life Cycle Assessments (LCAs) to help our clients identify design alternatives that reduce product cost, decrease environmental impact and enhance brand value.


Specifically we help clients:

·          Define the strategic business value from product-level LCAs

·          Integrate this approach into product design and marketing

·          Quantify energy, materials, carbon emissions and waste and water impacts for the entire life cycle of a product through detailed LCAs.


Our goal is to leverage product-level LCAs as a tool to drive business efficiency, cost reduction, and environmental performance improvements for our clients’ products. The result is that our clients can identify market opportunities and implement strategies to reduce product life cycle impacts and leverage competitive advantage.


Our Track Record


Life cycle assessment & carbon footprint, Close the Loop

WSP completed a lifecycle assessment and carbon footprint of a proprietary recycling process developed for used printer cartridges for Close the Loop, an organization that produces innovative recycled products and green building materials. The assessment included the quantification of carbon emissions through all relevant stages of the process (from raw material to end-of-life disposal and recycling). Additionally, WSP identified opportunities for GHG reductions and more efficient processes and the team prepared key marketing pieces to communicate the client’s efforts. The assessment is being considered for submittal to the Chicago Climate Exchange as a draft carbon verification methodology for the recycling industry.


Energy audits for global operations

WSP is providing energy audit services to a leading global manufacturing and technology company with 280 sites around the world. We are managing a global energy audit program for sites across Europe, the US and Asia and have identified in excess of 10% savings from low-cost measures.


Sustainability programs for leading global software company

A leading global software company’s Real Estate and Facilities group commissioned WSP in 2005 to help quantify its GHG emissions and respond to the Carbon Disclosure Project. Since then, WSP has worked with the client broadly across its business to help establish its environmental and sustainability programs. In addition to our ongoing GHG management support, WSP has also developed, implemented, and provided support for sustainability data management systems and has evaluated and advised the client on various sustainable products and services.


Preliminary feasibility study & investment-grade feasibility study, Destiny USA

Destiny USA is a proposed green retail and entertainment complex, powered entirely by renewable resources, in Syracuse, New York. The goal is to supply 100% of Destiny’s energy needs from renewable resources. Our team performed a preliminary feasibility study to convert biomass and municipal solid waste (MSW) to electricity, hot water and chilled water via syngas produced by gasification technology. Based on our follow-on investment-grade feasibility study, Destiny USA is considering investment into gasification technology, a biomass to electricity plant and the installation of on-site wind power.



Responding to the CDP?

Responding to the CDP?

Our paper, ‘Making the most of the Carbon Disclosure Project’ will help you prepare your approach to submitting to the CDP.

Download here.

Responding to the CDP?

Biofuels experience

Biofuels experience

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Biofuels experience

CDP Consultancy Partner
Services to the ICT sector

Services to the ICT sector

We have an impressive track record delivering a range of sustainability, energy management and environmental services to the ICT sector. Find out more in our dedicated section.

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Services to the ICT sector

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