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  • CEOs must build trust for better safety outcomes

    In the health & safety space we often say that the risk you walk past is the level of risk you are prepared to accept. In this paper we argue that CEO’s must build trust to develop better safety in the workplace.

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  • New pollution reporting in NSW, Australia

    New legislation demands immediate reporting of any incident where material harm to the environment is caused or threatened. Our paper details the legislative changes, the potential business risks and how to respond.

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  • Recycling Facilities – Eastern Europe

    European Directives being enacted over the next decade are opening up opportunities for the development and expansion of recycling facilities, particularly in Eastern Europe, but ensuring they capitalise on these opportunities isn’t straight forward.

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  • Top tips for reducing water use at home

    With the recent hosepipe ban announced in the UK we thought we would share some interesting facts on how we use water in our homes and how to reduce our consumption…

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  • Are you taking the myth?

    Health & Safety is full of myths, our 1-pager looks at root causes, the Judith Hackitt challenge, matching investment to risk and reasonable and practical behaviours.

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