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Personal Carbon Trading – PACT

PACT is a ready-to-use personal carbon trading scheme that could be rolled out to staff in your organisation within just 8 weeks. As well as reducing your carbon footprint, PACT is a great way to engage your staff.  


Through PACT, staff can track and manage their personal carbon impacts outside of work and take steps to reduce their carbon footprint. For a small fee, you are provided with everything you need to implement it into your organisation.


How does it work?

WSP will help you shape the PACT scheme to suit your organisation. We’ll also provide you with all the infrastructure and support tools you need, from marketing materials to user manuals, to enable you to launch the scheme and engage staff. 


It’s based on an online tool which is flexible, robust and easy to use. You give staff a personal carbon allowance for their home emissions and staff track their emissions using the online portal. To help them to reduce their carbon emissions over the year, members will receive monthly newsletters containing ‘green’ hints and tips and they also have access to a help desk if they need support. At the end of the year, those under their allowance receive a bonus in their salary. Those in the carbon red pay into the scheme.


Who’s already involved? 

Today there are 1359 members taking part in PACT in seven countries. This includes the newly launched ‘Pioneers Group’ consisting of like-minded companies committed to trialling a wider extension of the scheme and sharing best practice. This group includes Cisco UK, Aviva, Invensys Rail, the Petroleum Institute in Abu Dhabi and 5 London boroughs. They’re all signed up and they are now offering PACT to their employees. And we’re still looking for new members!


How could this benefit my organisation?

Staff engagement is key to a happy and committed workforce. Introducing PACT demonstrates to staff that you’re thinking ‘green’ and proactively giving them a framework to manage their own impacts.


It’s also a great way to enhance your brand. Recently, the PACT scheme has featured in The Times and on the BBC Radio 4 PM Programme, BBC Radio 5Live, BBC Radio 2, BBC London and even as far afield as The Australian newspaper!


What do others think of PACT?


“...when PACT came along, we jumped at the chance…It demonstrates pro-active leadership…It was fascinating to see people’s perceptions of their carbon footprint and it helped to blow some carbon myths out of the water.”

Inga Doak, Head of Environment, Invensys Rail


PACT…is a shining example of how a far-sighted employer can help staff to combine their personal and work ethics.”

Guardian Careers Supplement


A personal carbon trading scheme is quite innovative…it is effective and it is working

Adrian Webb, European Projects Office, LEPT

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How it all began

How it all began

We first launched PACT for our own staff, and it was a great success.

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How it all began

Share PACT with your colleagues

Share PACT with your colleagues

We’ve got a PACT brochure that you can download and share with your colleagues.

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Share PACT with your colleagues

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Get involved in PACT!

Get involved in PACT!

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Get involved in PACT!