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Post Transaction Support

Managing the issues and liabilities identified by the due diligence process is crucial to achieving the best value from a transaction and aiding integration.


This approach benefits a business by reducing risks during the period of ownership and enhances the value at the point of divestiture / exit.


The due diligence process will identify any number of issues that require attention.  These can include operational improvements to ensure a business complies with key legislation such as REACH or the Energy-using Products Directive; or improvements in environmental management standards to mirror the industry best practice status of the acquirer’s existing operations.  


There is also the risk of regulatory action or third party liability from assets identified to have contaminated land or asbestos issues.  These issues will require attention to ensure they don’t affect long term value.


The breadth of our environmental, energy and sustainability expertise means that WSP is well placed to help clients achieve the best value from their assets. 


We can advise on:

  • Investigation and remediation of contaminated land
  • Liability Risk Transfer tools
  • Management of asbestos and other hazardous materials
  • Environmental, Health and Safety legislative compliance
  • Implementation of Management Systems
  • Energy efficiency and management programmes
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Building management
  • Pre-exit advice on managing liabilities



Our global due diligence practitioners can help put our clients in touch with other specialists within WSP to manage these issues and deliver sustained improvements for the period of an investment. 

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What the media says

What the media says

“They are one of a new breed of environmental consultancies looking at things much more from a business rather than a technical perspective.”
Business Reporter, UK National Broadsheet



REACH is said to be the most complicated piece of legislation to come out of Europe and will affect European organisations using any chemicals anywhere in their operations, and organisations importing into Europe. Find out more