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Programme Management

Is programme management just multiple projects, managed together or is it more than that?


Programme management is about achieving a desired outcome or benefit for a client or an organisation. It is about the structuring and control of those projects so they deliver effectively as a group.


It enables resources, whether it is data, time, or even ideas, to be shared across projects. This has the added benefit of helping to reduce any issues or problems faced by individual Project Managers and recognising the links that might exist between projects. Most importantly, it can deliver a sum greater than the outputs of individual projects.


Project Management delivers outputs; Programme Management creates outcomes.We have a wealth of experience for a wide variety of sectors. Most recently, we provided programme management support in the UK to Recycling Action Yorkshire (RAY) as part of the Delivering Excellence in Waste (DEW) initiative. The objectives of the project were to increase organic waste processing capacity in the Yorkshire & Humber region and increase the use of products incorporating organic waste compost.


We are also project managing WRAPs GlassRite Wine Phase 2 project on a global basis.  The key objective is to proactively manage the project to identify processes to reduce the amount of glass used by the wine industry while maintaining the quality and integrity of the product and packaging.  We have advocates working on this project in Australia, Italy, the US and South Africa.


DEW Waste Example