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Here is a small selection of some of the projects that this part of our business has undertaken around the world.

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  • Third-Party EHS Audits for Global Beverage Company

    We performed independent third-party environmental, health & safety audits for a global company involved in beverage production, agricultural operations, and entertainment and theme park operations.

  • Annual Audit Program for Global Electronics Manufacturer

    For over 12 years, we’ve managed and conducted an environmental compliance audit program for a global industrial electronics and related goods manufacturer.

  • Permits and impact assessments for fuel plant

    Nordisk Etanolproduction AB is looking to invest over £1m in a major plant for production of ethanol, biogas and biofuels, together with fertilisers etc.  For this, WSP has prepared the environmental permit application, the environmental impact assessments and risk assessment.  We have also prepared the permit application for the new harbour which is close to the proposed site. 

  • Providing Strategic Asbestos Consultancy for Ashtenne throughout the UK

    For over 7 years we have been providing Ashtenne Industrial Fund with Asbestos Consultancy services throughout the UK.  This has included: asbestos management advice; single and multi-site asbestos management plans; asbestos surveys; risk assessments; removal contractor selection; management of abatement works; and the production of technical specifications for surveys and abatement.

  • Permitting for an effluent treatment facility in the UK

    We helped Gressingham Foods Ltd prepare a formal response to PPC permit improvement conditions and an Environment Agency compliance assessment report at a site in the UK. We also delivered environmental awareness training to ensure the obligations and requirements were understood. 

  • Legal permitting for Biofuels Corporation in the UK

    Biofuels Corporation’s plant on Teeside in the UK is one of the world’s largest plants producing biofuels.  We helped to develop an application to the Environment Agency for a permit to operate under the IPPC regime. A key part of our work was to ensure the most appropriate environmental management techniques were identified and included.

  • Product Compliance – Energy Using Products Directive

    We design an online tool to assist eco-friendly product design and compliance with the Energy Using Products Directive (EuP). Our tool, EcoFly, calculates the energy use, carbon emitted, waste generation and water consumption over the whole life of the product.   Applying EcoFly through the design of a product provides the dossier of evidence – and also provides the final evidence of compliance to EuP standards.  Find out more at

  • Permitting application for a new gasification plant in the UK

    WSP helped Warwick Energy Ltd / ITI Energy Ltd with the environmental management and legal permitting requirements to develop a new gasification plant in the UK. The facility generates electricity by gasifying a bricketed fibre fuel.  It was important that the BAT appraisal covered the requirements of the Waste Incineration Directive along with general environmental Permitting requirements.

  • Building energy certificates

    In the UK we are providing Energy Performance Certificates to ING Real Estate Investment Management. Due to the nature of their business the portfolio is not only very large but also very diverse, both in the types of buildings and their geographical spread. WSP is managing the entire process, from liaison with all managing agents to delivery of the certificate and recommendations report.

  • Assessing Impacts

    Conducting environmental studies and delivering environmental compliance for the world’s biggest independent water and power plant, located in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.