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We design economic and pragmatic remediation solutions to work first time and through our global network we have access to an extensive remediation knowledge base.


Taking a fresh approach


We approach each and every project without preconceptions. We design solutions using the most appropriate technologies to meet your remediation objectives; this might be the most efficient, the most robust, the most sustainable, or the least costly. 


Understanding the objectives of a remediation scheme is the key and where necessary we will advocate laboratory and field based pilot studies to optimise the performance of the remediation system and increase the likelihood of success.


Our approach is focussed on risk based corrective action and our designs are supported by the use of sophisticated risk assessment and contaminant fate and transport modelling techniques.


We welcome the opportunity to become involved in remediation projects as early as possible to give the best opportunity to design commercially feasible schemes which will work for all stakeholders, the environment and your neighbours. 

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What South Hook say

What South Hook say

“Their technical knowledge and customer service has produced a highly appropriate and effective product which everyone at South Hook is delighted with.” Regulatory & Permitting Manager of South Hook LNG, LNG Terminal Operators