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Reputational & Social Risk

Investors, employees, customers and suppliers will analyse your company’s performance.  And they are analysing more than just the financial performance.  Under scrutiny will be your reputation and social and ethical performance.


This covers a wide range of issues:

  • Your commitment to sustainability targets and energy efficiency
  • How you have addressed environmental issues
  • The way you treat employees and your engagement with employees
  • Your commitment to health and safety standards
  • Your procedures around sourcing products, particularly from less economically developed regions
  • Adherence to regulations


And don’t forget your reputation can be put at risk from your merger and acquisition activity.  You may have a faultless reputation, but has your due diligence identified issues with your new business partners?


At WSP we have experts with technical knowledge and commercial acumen, gained from working inside a corporate organisation, who can help you identify and manage these issues, respond positively and minimise reputational risks to your business.


Our approach is about benchmarking current performance against ‘best in class’.  It’s about a thorough review to identify your potential risk framework.  Stakeholder consultation is critical to this.  And it’s about establishing a pragmatic approach to your processes.  This ensures risk is minimised, but progress is easily measured and tracked for the long term.


Hopefully you’ll agree we do this well.  Certainly when this care and attention is given to protecting the reputation of a business, the results can be seen in the positive brand and market value of a business.  And that provides competitive edge.