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Risk Tracking

At WSP we have developed an integrated suite of online risk management products.  These help organisations track key business risks and implement mitigation strategies. 


This approach is used in particular around Occupational Health Safety and Environmental risks.  Our online risk register will help you hold people accountable for managing risks and provides you with a professional way to demonstrate effective risk management practices.


And most organisations would agree that transparency and clear demonstration of effective risk management practices, is business critical.


So, how do we deliver this to you?  Our Online Risk Register is easy to learn and simple to use.  It offers multiple security levels, online text editing facilities and clear dashboards presenting you with high level, visual charts and information, and more intuitive detailed content advising you on each risk and potential solutions.


Key components include:


  • Accident and incident tracking
  • Vendor and contractor management information
  • Database of hazardous materials, detailing locations, emergency action plans etc.
  • Agreed processes for emergency response
  • Email reminders and escalation and notification alerts
  • Integration with Google Maps for live pin-point addresses and aerial views
  • Integrated e-learning capabilities for induction and certification tracking
  • Customised reporting


As a platform it is very effective for organisations with multiple sites, even across regional boundaries.  It enables those individuals with responsibility for risk management to have instant access to agreed procedures and shared information 24/7.

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The Risk Register

The Risk Register

Read about how our risk register is being used by Local Councils in Australia for their CMP audit.


The Risk Register

Risk Register Screen Grab