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Land Planning

Through our land assessment activities, our experts develop a detailed understanding of the materials and conditions that make up a site. But we go further than simply testing for contamination and giving you a clearly written report. We can utilise our expertise to optimise the use of your asset.


We can identify where the contamination might constrain your development plans and present you with alternative approaches. We can identify opportunities for optimising development and plan around any risks presented by ecological impacts and contamination.


When engaged in the early stages of project planning, we can outline feasibility concepts and optimise the value of a site by looking at:

  • Risk identification, ranking and management
  • Feasibility assessments
  • Technical and engineering led masterplanning
  • Liability management (statutory and financial)
  • Cost planning
  • Phasing
  • Procurement strategies
  • Problem solving
  • Value engineering
  • Environmental liability management and transfer


Our global capability and resources enable the project team to make informed decisions as feasibility concepts and designs develop to detailed design stage.