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Studies & Reviews

Question: Are you about to acquire land which may be contaminated?


Question: Do third parties require an audit of historical site use in relation to potential contamination?


Question: Is your property portfolio exposing you to unknown risks?


Desk based reviews of the historical uses of land may provide clarity in these circumstances.  That’s reviewing data that our specialists have access to, from any of our offices, anywhere in the world. 


The ownership, sale, purchase, and development of contaminated land is a risky business.  Understanding whether land carries liabilities which you will be responsible for is the first step to managing potential risk.


Initial non-intrusive studies of historical land use data allow us to start to understand below ground conditions and assess the need for intrusive investigation.  These studies can provide a feasibility indicator for the management, acquisition, development, and divestiture of sites.  We think this is one of the most important tools for identifying opportunities for investment.


Regulations regarding contamination and the associated liabilities differ around the world.  But they all have a common purpose.  They all serve to protect human health and the health of the environment we live in.