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Socio Economic Impact Assessments

Responsible development is about much more than the immediate and obvious environmental issues. Many stakeholders now expect developers to consider the effects of a proposed development on the social and economic conditions in that region and tools such as socioeconomic assessments and Socioeconomic Impact Assessments (SIAs) are effective in doing this.   


SIAs are mandatory planning requirements in some countries, however for most socioeconomic assessments are voluntary.  With sustainable communities, sustainable development and the current economic climate at the top of the political agenda, such assessments are now regarded as powerful decision making tools in guiding development.


Assessments which add most value to the development process reflect current and future needs and priorities of the area of concern, as well as wider impacts.  This is also informed by a thorough understanding of the policy context as well as through engaging with relevant stakeholders, including local communities. 


Typically, assessments would cover issues such as:

  • Labour market and employment (location, leakage, availability, type and income, unemployment, equity and worklessness)
  • Working conditions
  • Economic diversity and productivity
  • Asset values (business capital items and housing)
  • Access to facilities and services (access to and level of provision)
  • Physical well-being (health, stress levels and security)
  • Social exclusion
  • Social equity
  • Social well-being (access to social networks)
  • Population: age groupings; marital status
  • Deprivation indices
  • Commuting / migration patterns
  • Education and skills 
  • Worklessness
  • Health and wellbeing
  • Crime and fear of crime 
  • Ethnicity
  • Housing (type, tenure and affordability)
  • Adaptation to the impacts of Climate Change.


Our team of experts ensure that our socioeconomic assessments and SIAs add significant value to a number of our core services, from planning and development to informing a range of policy decisions at the local, regional, national and international level.