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Soils, Geology & Contamination

We have one of the largest teams of experts specialising in land assessment, investigation, and remediation, as well as having specialist geotechnical expertise.


We use our skills in soils, geology and contamination to help our clients maximise and secure their land related assets. We have a technology driven, pragmatic and commercially sensitive approach which ensures thorough yet targeted works.


To give you more of an idea on what we can do…

  • We have experts dedicated to the investigation, characterisation and management of contaminated land
  • We have earned an outstanding reputation for the successful management and remediation of complex contaminated sites
  • We are a market leader in designing solutions to extinguish environmental liabilities through our innovative environmental liability transfer mechanisms
  • We can restore and maintain the future of delicate ecosystems
  •  And our geotechnical engineers provide solutions for issues relating to the strength, stability and durability of subsurface materials


You can find out much more about our expertise in this area in the Restoring Land section of this website.

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Sustainable or Green Remediation?

Sustainable or Green Remediation?

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Sustainable or Green Remediation?

Environmental Liability Solutions

Environmental Liability Solutions

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