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Stakeholder Facilitation

The sustainability credentials of an organisation have become increasingly more important to a company’s stakeholders.


If your business is working on a wide range of sustainability issues, the challenge you face is to determine if each of these issues interests your stakeholders and how they regard the degree of positive impact they make on society and the environment.


A consultation process will help ensure you are meeting stakeholders expectations and reporting publicly on the right issues.  This form of engagement will add considerable credibility to your sustainability activities.  It will also help identify emerging issues that will influence your sustainability strategy.


Stakeholder engagements can include:


  • Functional – e.g. customer care
  • Issue based – e.g. human rights
  • Organisation-wide – e.g. reporting and assurance


WSP’s global team helps organisations facilitate stakeholder engagement.  Our methodology covers the planning, the engagement, the reporting and the response.


  • We will determine what knowledge you seek from the engagement of those stakeholders. Do you want to know their material concerns; do you want to know the performance expectations and perceptions associated with their material issues; do you want to be able to respond to these concerns or do you want them to respond to a report or communication you have made already?
  • We will work with you to identify key stakeholders to engage – these can include colleagues, the investment community, consumers, community groups, and governmental representatives.
  • We will define the most appropriate channels for engagement, which may include workshops, face to face interviews, telephone interviews and online questionnaires.
  • Our report will identify areas of strength and weakness with recommendations. We highlight activities that can demonstrate best practice, and we include case studies where appropriate.


We work with clients to determine how to use the report to engage further with stakeholders.  We will also advise you on how to use it to improve sustainability reporting and focus your sustainability activities on the right issues for your company.


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Facilitation help?

Facilitation help?

If you want to facilitate stakeholder engagement, but you are not sure where to start, drop us an email.  We’ll start with an informal chat to identify what you want to learn and achieve and then we’ll scope a programme for you. 

Email Emma at