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Sustainable Development

We are specialists in sustainable development. We work with developers, architects, urban designers, masterplanners, corporations and governments. We work with them to integrate sustainability into every aspect of the built environment, whether on an individual building, a small development, a large regeneration scheme or strategies for cities and regions. And our experience enables us to apply the very latest solutions to ensure we meet the highest standards of sustainable development whilst maximising investment returns.


We look carefully at the human, economic and ecological context of projects. We bring together expertise across transport, waste, water, environmental impacts, renewable energy, carbon, and climate change and we design integrated sustainability strategies to deliver the best in sustainable development. Specifically in this area of our website you can read more about:


  • Getting your buildings and developments to meet building rating assessments and codes such as LEED and BREEAM amongst others
  • Designing low carbon or carbon neutral buildings and developments
  • Integrating sustainable landscape architecture into your masterplans or designs
  • Exploring passive energy options and assessing microclimate impacts
  • Delivering sustainable resource efficiency, renewable energy, and sustainable infrastructures


We strive to bring you a blend of vision and environmental empathy, allied with technical strength and commerciality. Sustainable development is a catalyst for a better future and will also result in cost savings, new commercial opportunities and revenue streams.


Our vision is to deliver urban environments that:

  • Are hubs of innovation and creativity
  • Take only their fair share of the earth’s resources
  • Respond well to their location and context
  • Are quiet, clean, effective and healthy
  • Keep themselves cool in a warming climate
  • Are good neighbours with other species on the planet
  • Eliminate the concept of waste
  • Are powered by clean energy
  • Provide easy mobility for users
  • Create a sense of place and identity
  • Are managed and maintained well but cost-effectively


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Graylingwell wins sustainability award

Graylingwell wins sustainability award

We’re delighted to announce we’ve won Sustainable Housing’s ‘Sustainable larger social housing project of the year’ award for Graylingwell Park, the UK’s first net zero carbon development.

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Graylingwell wins sustainability award

Supporting the energy sector

Supporting the energy sector

We provide a suite of services to the energy sector, working with various parties to take a project from comcept to realisation.

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Supporting the energy sector