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Landscape & Visual Impact Assessments

We have an established team of landscape architects with extensive experience in undertaking Landscape and Visual Impact Assessments (LVIAs), as well as providing wider landscape architecture expertise.


We have undertaken assessments for a wide range of rural and urban sites, proposed tall buildings, sites of historical importance, highways assessments and sites within nature conservation areas as well as sites for proposed polytunnels, waste transfer stations and electricity substations. 


Our specialist landscape architects, particularly those in Sweden and Finland, are also highly experienced in undertaking Visual Impact Assessments for wind farms, road and rail networks and airports.


What we look at


Baseline analysis, consultations and reviews all help inform our assessments and their integration into Environmental Statements and constraints plans. We analyse street patterns, height, scale, massing, pedestrian movement, landscape character, quality and features, visual amenity and receptors, impacts, sensitivity, change magnitude and night illumination effects.


Our LVIAs can also include townscape and urban assessments which analyse the built form including the setting of listed buildings, conservation areas and the historical built environment in conjunction with our archaeology team.


What LVIAs feed into


We can provide LVIAs that act as standalone reports which identify developable land, provide constraints and opportunities analysis, and pre-development assessments. But LVIAs can also be provided as part of a larger Environmental Statement.


The contextual analysis of a site as part of an LVIA also contributes to Design and Access Statements by demonstrating how proposals can respond to their setting and place.  They determine the nature and extent of landscape and visual effects from a proposed development, and identify opportunities for mitigation and enhancement of proposals where appropriate.


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