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Waste Audits

We have experts who can thoroughly audit your company’s waste streams. We collect data and produce meaningful forecasts of what is realistically achievable and design sustainable waste management schemes for your organisation.


Waste audits usually form the first step in any waste minimisation exercise and often in turn reduce your costs for disposing of waste.


There are a number of key benefits of auditing your waste streams which include:

  • Ensuring your company meets current legal obligations
  • Identification of current quantities of waste streams produced
  • Review of current waste management practices
  • Improve environmental performance


Audits for Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Regulations


We can also work with you to ensure your compliance with the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) regulations. We conducted a series of audits for Cisco Systems to ensure they were complying with the requirements of the WEEE regulations in the UK, Netherlands, Belgium and Switzerland. This involved a detailed desktop audit as well as a series of site based audits with Cisco’s nominated re-processors in the Netherlands, to fully evaluate the data recording and waste recovery systems in place to ensure that the data provided to Cisco was accurate and representative.