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Wetlands & Water Ecology

Climate change and the continued development of the built environment has placed huge pressures on the management and protection of wetlands, water systems, and marine and freshwater ecosystems.


Many countries now have very strict legislation ruling the protection of such environments and often the legislation has teeth with the ability to enforce strict financial penalties for damage.


We can help developers, public bodies or other organisations with the assessment of the health and status of wetlands and water-based ecosystems, as well as designing protection, monitoring and restoration programmes. And we have experts to help you consider effective wetland management techniques. This includes:


  • Botany
  • Conservation genetics
  • Ecosystem ecology
  • Forestry
  • Geochemistry
  • Geomorphology
  • Hydrology
  • Landscape architecture
  • Soils
  • Water quality
  • Wetland and river science
  • Wildlife
  • Conservation biology




Ecological assessment allows a picture to emerge of the environmental situation surrounding waters and wetlands, and their adjacent stream corridors, floodplains, and buffers.  Typically this looks at water quality, wildlife, and vegetation, and assesses the changes in ecosystem functions. In this capacity we can:


  • Undertake surveys to characterize faunal and floral habitat
  • Analyse habitats to identify their health
  • Assess contaminants and classify soils
  • Identify rare, threatened and endangered species
  • Assess ecological risk to predict the scenario occurrence
  • Model water flow and movement and assess that impact on the landscape
  • Analyse the impact of natural damage and resources
  • And assess the cumulative impact of all ecological aspects on the ecosystem





We advise clients on the subtle balance that ecosystems require in order to survive.  We design and implement programmes that restore sensitive water and wetland environments. And we take care to ensure our solutions address water quality, wildlife, and vegetation and create a sustainable ecosystem. 

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More on Ecosystems

We have specialist teams focussed on the assessment, valuation and restoration of precious wetlands and ecosystems.

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