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Water Footprinting

We have launched our very own end-to-end water footprinting tool for organisations across the world to take advantage of and measure their impacts.


Many companies face a significant threat to their business with growing concerns around water scarcity, an issue that is rising up the boardroom agenda even while they are tackling their carbon emissions.


Take for example just the five major food and beverage companies. Research suggests that they consume about 575 billion litres of water a year, enough to satisfy the daily water needs of every person on Earth!!


To ensure their business is not fundamentally affected, companies need to consider all aspects in the production and manufacture of their products.  Critically, this includes the specific locations where manufacturing occurs, given the different sensitivities across the world to water scarcity.   


Our tool measures three things:

  1. The water consumed in the supply chain
  2. The water used in direct operations
  3. The water used by customers using the products they’ve bought  


Our tool identifies the products that use the most water and also where this water use is particularly sensitive.  And it will help companies protect their supply chain, identify areas of focus for supply chain sustainability programmes and also enable them to engage with their customers. It is the first tool to measure a water footprint across each company in an individual way.  And it is also the first tool to map the results in a simple, easily accessible and visual way. Download our flyer to find out more.


David Symons, Director at WSP said: “Climate change is already affecting rainfall patterns, and many areas of the world are facing water shortages due to overuse of the available supplies. Companies – especially those in the food and drink sector – need to consider the countries in which their products are produced and the water availability in their home markets.  Our tool provides a simple and graphical measure for companies to understand the issue and to plan the best actions for them.”


Want to know more?


Please speak to either:


David Symons

Tel: +44 (0) 207 314 5725



Andrew Noone

Tel: +44 (0) 161 886 2400






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Want to know more?

Want to know more?

If you would like to know more about how water footprinting can help you and how it works, take a look at our flyer.

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Did you know...?

Did you know…?

A typical 29 inch TV will use more than 62,000 litres of water over its entire life cycle!

Did you know...?

Water Management webinar slides

Water Management webinar slides

One of our water specialists, Andrew Noone, held a webinar on water management and water footprinting recently.

Download slides now.