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Water Quality & Pollution

We offer a wide range of water quality and pollution management services for marine and freshwater environments, as well as for surface water, groundwater and sediments.


Our technical expertise in the area enables us to conduct initial assessments to determine water quality, to design mitigation and restoration solutions, as well as implementing water monitoring programmes. Our analysis of water quality includes water salinity, temperature, turbidity, dissolved oxygen, nutrients, pesticides and organic and inorganic compounds.


A snapshot look at our services includes:

  • Aquatic surveys and monitoring to cover macroinvertebrate, river habitat and fish
  • Aquatic restoration and enhancement
  • Artificial wetlands for pollution attenuation
  • Assessing the impacts of point source pollution
  • Baseline studies
  • Compliance monitoring during the construction and operational phases of projects
  • Desktop studies
  • Establishing current and future sources of pollution
  • Establishing the interaction between groundwater flows and the nearshore zone in the marine environment
  • Field investigations
  • Ground and surface water quality and conservation management programmes
  • Marine water column profiling
  • Mitigatory measures to minimise impacts to the receiving environment
  • Sampling plans
  • Specialist studies for Environmental Impacts Assessments
  • Stormwater pollution prevention plans
  • Water and sediment sampling


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2010 Winner

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