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WEEE Directive

If you are involved in the production or sale of electrical and electronic equipment, you are probably very familiar with the implications of the WEEE Directive from the EU.  But in case you aren’t, here is a brief overview and a guide to how we can help.


WEEE stands for: The Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Regulations, and implements the 2002 EU Directive.


The regulations establish legal obligations on producers of EEE to organise and finance the collection, treatment and recovery of separately collected waste electrical and electronic equipment from households.  A ‘producer’ is defined as any company that:

  • Manufactures and sells EEE
  • Imports EEE into a European country on a professional basis
  • Re-brands EEE


In the UK, producers will also be responsible for financing the collection, treatment, recovery and disposal of non-household WEEE (business to business WEEE) placed on the market before the 13th August 2005 when the WEEE is being replaced by an equivalent product.


At WSP we help our clients address their obligations through developing compliance plans.  These detail the resource needs and costs, steps and timing necessary to achieve full conformance as well as their own internal producer responsibility goals.


Our global team is experienced in advising clients on how to respond.  We help clients understand:

  • How their organisation is affected
  • What legislation specifically applies and in which global markets
  • Developing supply chain management programmes
  • Recyclability performance and options for improvement
  • Guidance on requirements such as ‘take-back’, and recycling techniques
  • Financial requirements, including guarantees
  • Product labeling
  • Reporting and data gathering requirements


Communication to management, staff and suppliers of the requirements of the legislation is essential.  It will often require wide-spread organisational change across many parts of a business, demanding awareness and action.