Hydrogen Energy Production

Not many people are familiar with hydrogen production and storage, but this process might be significant in the decarbonization of the economy. While it is still early, a report by Goldman Sachs said that this industry can decarbonize up to 15% of global emissions and contribute a trillion dollars to the global economy by 2050.

Achieving Energy Sustainability Goals

There has been a growing number of states, organizations, and agencies sharing their sustainability and energy goals. They often include reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, increase in consumed renewable energy, or even achievement of carbon neutrality. Each one is a huge challenge, but emission offsets and Renewable Energy Certificates can help reach these goals.
Renewable Energy Certificates
These are the …

Why Commercial Heat Pumps Are Better For The Environment

Various sectors are changing their operations to contend with the effects of climate change. Among others, this can be felt in the electrification of buildings in big cities as climate regulations get more and more stringent. Sadly, building owners now struggle to comply with restrictions on greenhouse gas emissions and energy usage. Heat pumps are one way to increase energy efficiency in the urban setting.
What They Are

The Score with Scope 3 Emissions

Companies that aim to lower their greenhouse gases emissions tend to look internally when quantifying their sustainability efforts. It might be a good first step, although it does not offer the big picture in terms of the environmental impact of the company.
It is not unusual for the biggest GHG emission contributor to come from Scope 3 emissions, which is more indirect. In certain sectors, they account for the majority. For one, they are behind 82% of GHG …